About Mystic South

 About Us

Mystic South is a newly-forming conference that will be run by the soon-to-be nonprofit organization with same name, Mystic South.  The organizers are currently working on that status and more will be shared as soon as it is complete.

The current organizing committee includes:

Sara Amis, Georgia
Candace Apple, Georgia
Ryan Denison, Georgia
Star Bustamonte, North Carolina
Heather Greene, Georgia
Tiffani Thomas Parker, Georgia
Marla Roberson, South Carolina
Gypsey Teague, South Carolina

We will be taking more volunteers starting in January 2017.


Diversity Statement

Mystic South is strongly committed to sponsoring an event that reflects and embraces the diversity of peoples and of religious practices, both past and present, that make-up our region. We hope our deep commitment to diversity will be found in the presentations and workshops at the conference, as well as in the faces, voices and spirits of all those that to build and help support this mission. Just as the land of the Southeast is rich and variable, we are also as a people.  We welcome all.

Contact Us

To reach us, you can email mysticsouthconference@gmail.com